Vanishing Point

In 1987, Vanishing Point founder Thom Gordon started working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) on board their research yacht ‘Song of the Whale’. The project pioneered  non-invasive research which aimed  to inform conservation and further understanding of the great whales. This research included the development of passive acoustic tools and techniques which were used  to locate and track marine mammals in the open ocean for extended periods, this research was conducted in many locations around the Atlantic.


In 1991 Thom started working with natural history film makers who wanted to use passive acoustic tracking techniques to film sperm whales in their natural habitat. Over the course of a decade Thom worked with film makers and artists on several long-term highly successful collaborations.

The oil and gas industry also saw the benefit using of PAM as a means of detecting marine mammal as mitigating  tool. Vanishing Point has been developing PAM systems for a commercial market since 1995.

With the roots of the company firmly in research and conservation, we are committed to developing new and exciting applications for PAM  as well offering assistance to researchers and conservation groups. 

Current research and conservation projects include:

  • A vertical array which tracks Porpoise dive profiles in tidal turbine sites,
  • A Blue whale project in Sri Lanka where death from ship strike is a major problem.

Vanishing Point Marine is proud of it’s long and successful history of providing the very best service and equipment to scientists, researchers and energy producers in the oil, gas and marine renewables industry.

Welcome to Vanishing Point Marine – At the forefront of cetacean monitoring technology